Pre-priming notes:

Use an appropriate paint mask or respirator

Use an appropriate paint mask or respirator

Ventilation.  It's good.

Ventilation. It's good.

Make sure you have proper ventilation, a paint mask or a respirator and some eye protection.

Even with proper ventilation, you may want to choose the time you spend in the paint booth wisely. There were a few points during the project even with my mask that I noticed I was light-headed.

You should also be aware that primers and paint will hang around in the air after they have been dispensed from the aerosol can. So keep your mask on even after you finished the spray.

Also, whatever isn’t covered in the paint booth will end up getting coated with a fine mist of paint. So, if you don’t want your junk like cell phones or cameras painted, don’t bring it into the booth.


Prime the frame

Prime the frame

The "popcorn" from the primer

The "popcorn" from the primer

I ended up using Rust-oleum’s self-etching primer. I don’t have a real good reason to use it.. other than believing all the marketing jargon all over the front of the can. I figured the anti-rusting compound would be good for a frame since it has to endure the elements. I don’t know if the self-etching crap works. I’d like to think sanding the frame surface helped along with that feature to set a good base primer. It’s important to note, I did lay down about 3 coats of primer. Just follow the instruction on the back of the can.

One note, if you do end up using the same primer as me; make sure to wet sand your final coat of primer once it dries. For whatever reason, the self-etching primer finishes with a slight popcorn finish. I actually tried to apply a test coat of paint in a small area of the frame and the popcorn is way to gritty. The final paint finish would have been bumpy and not smooth. So sand it down! I did a quick pass at the frame with a wet sand 100 grit paper.

7 Responses to Priming

  1. feebs

    just a tip, when you leave paint on the bike you dont need primer! save you some cash (obviously give a sand and all that)

    • Old Diamondback

      I agree…i did this all the time when i worked at an autobody shop. Inspect the old paint and see if its still biting onto the frame strong, if so, this will make just as strong a bonding surface as primer. If it needs some smoothing out then 320grit should do it, otherwise 400 grit for sanding before the new paint.

  2. JP

    How many cans did you need to use?

  3. RedBee

    after priming when you said you did a quick pass at the frame with a wet sand 100 grit paper, doesn’ t this leaves behind dust on bike?

  4. Harlem

    Ok see u guys using regular spray paint ????

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